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Hewlett Packard Enterprise to showcase the HPE Digital Life Garage at Gitex 2019

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is proud to be supporting the 39th Gitex Technology Week, the biggest tech event of the Middle East, North Africa & South Asia. Gitex celebrates the spectacular innovations and solutions that are currently transforming manufacturing, entertainment, public safety and much more. With that in mind, HPE will be giving show-goers a sample of the eagerly anticipated HPE Digital Life Garage, which is set to launch early 2020 in Dubai. The HPE Digital Life Garage will be the main theme for HPE, one that showcases its contribution to the local markets.

Visitors to the HPE stand at Gitex 2019, will be immersed in real-life use cases, a walkthrough of emerging technology in; mobility and IoT solutions, AI & Automation, the HPE Circular economy, IT consumption models, and infrastructure solutions such as Intelligent Data Platforms, Composable cloud and converged systems. Exhibition visitors will experience the latest solutions that will allow them to optimize and scale their operations in a world where everything computes, and it is essential to efficiently capture and process data helping turn it into insight and ultimately value.

 “Our strong operational performance reflects continued disciplined execution as we deliberately shift and enhance our portfolio to provide customers with higher-value, software-defined offerings, delivered as a Service,” says Antonio Neri, president and CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

With HPE’s extensive portfolio, there will be game-changing technologies exhibited that never fail to impress, demonstrating intelligent solutions that allow customers to capture, analyze and act upon data seamlessly from edge to cloud.

The HPE Digital Life Garage, the first realization of a global program

A history of Innovation On January 1st, 1939 in David Packard’s garage, the Hewlett Packard Company laid the foundations of what would become Silicon Valley. The humble one-car garage had little more than a concrete floor and a workbench, but it was enough space for William Hewlett and David Packard to develop prototype products. Their efforts soon impressed many customers and set the course for a legacy of innovation and leadership. Today HPE is a global technology leader focused on developing intelligent solutions that allow customers to capture, analyze and act upon data seamlessly from edge to cloud.

The need Digitization is disrupting not only the way that people live and work but also products, solutions and business models across industries. Technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain are fundamentally transforming the way of generating value through innovation. The staggering amount of data generated every minute requires new technologies, as Memory Driven Computing and Edge-to-Cloud architectures. Moreover, the United Arab Emirates’ Vision to promote the UAE as an unmatched global R&D hub generates a tremendous momentum for digital innovation.

Partnership is paramount to fuel this transformation, connecting ideas, experiences, and capabilities to accelerate the idea-to-production lifecycle. It requires a broad ecosystem, from institutions to researchers, from entrepreneurs to corporations, to cooperate, transforming possibility into reality, locally and globally.

This leads us to the next question.

What is the HPE Digital Life Garage?

One of the most anticipated highlights at the event will be the HPE Digital Life Garage, a business accelerator that aims to transform the way that technology impacts society at large. The launch of this global initiative is to establish a series of next generation HPE innovation centers around the world, providing a co-innovation model to quickly devise innovation ideas based on technologies. It will also aid in developing actionable proof of value with a clear path to production. It will act as nexus for a broad range of stakeholders, as entrepreneurs, innovators, corporations, government entities, universities, service providers, system integrators.

The HPE Digital Life Garage will open its first center in front of the new office in Dubai, as the UAE’s vision for innovation and its dynamic, growing economy represent the ideal foundation for the success of this initiative. It will contribute to accelerate the development of the UAE’s innovation ecosystem and achieve the ambitious goals set out in the Vision 2021 and longer term programs. The vibrant, highly diverse society provides an ideal context to get the best out of different perspectives, ideas, and experiences, harnessing the full potential of innovation. The role of the HPE Digital Life Garage, the United Arab Emirates’ first in the world, is also to inspire local communities and build together the ecosystem to innovate and accelerate the transition from idea to business in order to advance the way people live and work.

Inspirational methods and spaces will make the HPE Digital Life Garage the ideal place to harness the potential of technologies and realize aspirations, generating tangible outcomes. It will be operated in cooperation with the local market as well as global partners, to enhance the adoption of new technologies while developing synergies that will make development sustainable.


Partnership is core to the Hewlett Packard Enterprise culture. Thus, HPE is inspiring the ecosystem and connecting all the stakeholders of the HPE Digital Life Garage through Government Entities, Universities and Education Centers, Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Service Providers, HPE Business Partners and more.

Inspirational methods and places will enable and facilitate cooperation, combining diverse competencies and experiences to strive for the common goal of creating life outcomes, also leveraging HPE experiences and best practices in innovation, research and development and design of new business models. The availability of cutting-edge technologies, as Memory-driven Computing, Internet of Things or Artificial Intelligence, will enable a real design for the future.

Finally, Hewlett Packard Enterprise will also be contributing to the passion and competencies of all its people. HPE senior technologists from all over the world will be made available on a regular basis, providing coaching and mentorship or just inspiration.


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